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A third strike can mean spending the rest of your life away from family, friends and the outside world. If you are convicted of a crime constituting a "third strike" in California you are facing very long prison terms even life imprisonment. It is critical to retain a lawyer who understands all possible defensive options to fight a third strike so you do not suffer the harsh punishment meted out under California law. Schwartz & Powell has extensive experience in defending against three strikes.

California Three Strikes Laws

•Proposition 184 passed in 1994 - known as "Three Strikes and You're Out Law"  

•California Three Strikes was enacted to be tough on crime and increase punishment for repeat offenders
•A person convicted of two or more prior strikes faces a life term sentence for a thirdfelony conviction even if the third felony is not a strike

• California first and second strikes are counted by individual charges, not individual cases.  A person can be charged and convicted of first and second strikes, even more, from just one case, even if the case occurred before the passage of the law

• Any conviction from the 50 states or federal courts in a person's past can be counted as a strike as determined by the prosecutor
• If convicted of a prior strike you will be sentenced to prison for twice the determinate term or twice the minimum for the indeterminate term

• Juvenile convictions can be counted if the juvenile was age 16 or older (unless the juvenile record is sealed).

• No parole is possible after a third strike conviction until a long period of times passes (commonly 25 years)
• The Three Strikes Law reduces prison credits for good behavior

California mandated the enhanced sentence for any third felony conviction so long as the first two felonies were determined to be either "violent" or "serious," or both. The following are considered serious and violent "strikes":

•Murder/Voluntary Manslaughter • Attempted Murder • Mayhem • Rape • Robbery • Grand Theft Involving a Firearm • Sodomy by Force • Oral Copulation by Force • Kidnapping • Sexual Abuse of a Child under 14 years of age • Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child • Any Felony Punishable by Death or Imprisonment for Life • Any Felony using a Firearm or Inflicting Great Bodily Injury • Exploding any device with intent to murder or injury • Carjacking with a deadly weapon • Assault by a life prisoner on a non-inmate • Offering to or selling, furnishing, administering or giving to a minor any heroin, cocaine, phencyclidine, or any methamphetamine-related drug

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Schwartz & Powell will aggressively defend you against third strike charges. We are experienced with all the defense strategies that may result in dismissal, acquittals, reduced penalties or probation. We have over thirty years defending criminal matters. We will listen to you and bring you our dedicated legal expertise if you or a loved one is charged with a third strike crime. Contact us immediately so we can come to your defense.

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