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Schwartz & Powell defends against charges of property crimes including grand theft and petty theft. Theft is taking someone else's property with the intent to deprive the victim of the property permanently. A conviction on a petty theft offense will be on your record and can negatively impact your quest for employment, your immigration status and possibly result in deportation or jail time. A grand theft conviction results in serious fines, extended jail time and your felony record may appear on background checks. You need a criminal defense lawyer who understands all theft defense options Schwartz & Powell.

Petty Theft (Penal Code §484) (Penal Code §488) - A theft is defined as "petty" when the property stolen is below a certain value as specified by law (under $400). Typically a petty theft is considered a minor crime or misdemeanor.

Grand Theft (Penal Code §487) - Grand theft is committed when the value of stolen property exceeds $400.00, when the theft involves crops or marine life-forms valued at more than $250 or when the property stolen is a farm animal, firearm or automobile (Grand Theft Auto). Market value is used to determine the property's value. Grand theft is a "wobbler" meaning that is can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony; however, it is usually charged as a felony and has very severe consequences. 

Robbery (Penal Code §211) - is only charged as a felony with no other alternative. Robbery is the taking of property from someone through force or the threat of force.  Robbery is divided into first and second degree robbery.
Armed Robbery (Penal Code §12022 (a)(1)) - The use of a firearm during a robbery in California adds an additional 1 year to the defendant's sentence. If the firearm discharges while in the commission of the robbery, the defendant will have another additional year added to the sentence. If a semiautomatic weapon is used additional time will be added.

Burglary (Penal Code §459) - is entering a structure or vehicle with the intent to commit a theft therein. Burglary of a residence is first degree burglary while burglary of a car or other building zone is second degree.

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