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A person accused of a domestic violence crime is alleged to have shown a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain control over another intimate partner. This can include physical, sexual and psychological attacks. California domestic violence laws make this charge a very serious offense. If you are accused of domestic violence you require an attorney who can protect your rights and freedom. You need Schwartz & Powell.

Domestic Violence (Penal Codes §273.5, §273d, §273e, §243(e)(1), §368, §422) - physical or verbal abuse that occurs within a family or intimate relationship. Can occur between spouses, parents, siblings, girlfriends or boyfriends, family members and cohabitants. The physical or verbal abuse is intended to intimidate and place fear in the alleged victim in order to achieve control and compliance.

Forms of abuse included in the definition of domestic violence:
Physical abuse: hitting, biting, battering, slapping, shoving, punching, pulling hair, burning, cutting or any type of violence perpetrated on the alleged victim. Also includes denying medical treatment or forcing drugs/alcohol use.

Sexual abuse: Coercion into sexual contact or sexual behavior without consent. Marital rape, attacking sexual body parts, physical violence followed by forced sex or sexually demeaning the person.

Emotional abuse: attacking sense of self worth or self esteem; constant criticism, name calling, injuring the parental relationship with children or interfering with the alleged victim's abilities.

Financial abuse: Making the victim financially reliant to maintain complete control over financial resources, withhold access to funds or stop the alleged victim from going to school or work.

Psychological abuse: Invoking fear through intimidation; threatening to physically hurt or use a weapon against the alleged victim, children, family friends or pets; destruction of property, isolation of alleged victim from loved ones and not allowing the alleged victim to move freely (going to school or work).

Stalking: following, spying, watching, harassing, sending gifts, phone calls, written letters/messages, appearing at the home or workplace.

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