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Schwartz & Powell

Case Results

These are a few examples of cases handled by Schwartz & Powell


Schwartz & Powell has won more not guilty verdicts and negotiated more positive plea bargains than any other law firm in Ventura County.  This partial listing of case results does not create a promise or warranty that we will obtain the same result in any other case.  We place this summary here to demonstrate Schwartz & Powell's point.  Experience matters.


Robert I. "Bobby" Schwartz

  • NOT GUILTY:  PC644/187  Attempted First Degree Murder.  Client shot two people in self-defense in gang-related shooting.
  • NOT GUILTY:  PC288(a)   Child Molestation.  Multiple counts of sexual misconduct with minors alleged against client.
  • NOT GUILTY:  PC422   Criminal Threats with Gang Allegations.  Client accused of threatening another person's family with violence during argument at gas station.

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Steven D. Powell

  • NOT GUILTY:  PC487  Grand Theft Fraud.  Client, owner and CEO, found not guilty on 78 counts in alleged multimillion dollar "Ponzi scheme" when real estate investment company fails.
  • NOT GUILTY:  PC273.5  Domestic Violence Spousal Abuse.  During domestic argument outside party client's wife slipped and accused client of injuring her.  
  • NOT GUILTY:  H&S Code 11358  Felony Cultivation of Marijuana for Sale.  Client conducted large grow operation in Ojai under duress to avoid fatal retribution for losing a dealer's consigned load of marijuana to robbers.

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