Schwartz & Powell

Ventura County Corporate Criminal Defense

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

   Steven D. Powell, one of the best defense lawyers in Ventura County, has varied and extensive experience in corporate criminal defense.  Attorney Steven D. Powell of Schwartz & Powell has defended: 

-Roofing companies for OSHA violations

-Bank officers for regulatory violations

-Real Estate investment corporate officers and directors accused of fraud

-Trash companies for accidents charged as crimes

-Oil companies in environmental offenses

-Food companies for non-compliant labeling

Mr. Powell defended these entitites and individuals alone and in association with corporate co-counsel to defend their companies and individuals employed who are entitled to a company paid defense.

There are unique mens rea or intent considerations for corporate officers, directors and management.  Acts of company officers and employees can create criminal culpability for those corporate actors even though they had very little to "do with it."  A Ventura County criminal defense lawyer representing corporate officers and employees must understand that criminal culpability is a real danger when a company is only facilally looking at regulatory penalties.

Steven D. Powell, of Schwartz & Powell, has over thirty years of white collar criminial defense experience. Schwartz & Powell is fully committed to bringing your case to the best possible conclusion and will bring all their expertise and resources to bear in the defense of your case.

Contact Schwartz & Powell at (805) 658-8955 to discuss the details of your case.  S&P, Schwartz and Powell, is fully committed to your defense!