Schwartz & Powell

Schwartz & Powell Federal Misdemeanors Defense

by Schwartz and Powell Ventura Criminal Defense Attorneys

On all federal lands in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties - military bases, forests and parks - civilians who run afoul of the law face federal prosecution.  Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA's) for the Government and criminal defense lawyers with their clients appear in the Santa Barbara outpost of the United States District Court and plea bargain the charges and sentences before a Federal Magistrate Judge.  

A huge percentage of these cases are resolved by plea bargaining.  If not, they are set for trial in the downtown Los Angeles Federal District Court.  

Schwartz and Powell appear with some frequency in the United States District Court in Santa Barbara County on misdemeanors such as drunk driving, weapons violations or other crimes.  We have an excellent record of working out favorable plea bargains on these "federal" misdemeanors.

Schwartz and Powell is a partnership of Ventura County criminial defense lawyers admitted to practice before federal courts in California and elsewhere.  Not all law firms are so admitted.  We have represented defendants accused on federal felonies in downtown Los Angeles and misdeameanors in Santa Barbara. We have defended banking fraud cases representing corporate officers and plea bargained theft cases representing bank personnel in Los Angeles.

It is our experience that the Government is primarily reasonable in plea bargaining these Ventura County misdemeanors, but a defendant need the best possible defense lawyer to maximize his results.  Schwartz and Powell recently represented a Navy Reserve Military Policeman who was accused of drunk driving.  We plea bargained the case down to a moving violation, driving on the wrong side of the road.   A conviction would have ended our client's Naval career.

Schwartz and Powell is experienced in all manner of federal misdemeanors and felony offenses.  Call us to represent you or a loved one. Schwartz and Powell is fully committed to your defense!