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Schwartz & Powell Sexual Assault Defense

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

Robert I. Schwartz and Steven D. Powell of Schwartz & Powell are two of the best Ventura County Criminal Defense Lawyers.  We also represent clients in Orange, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties, in the federal courts and out of state.

Mr. Steven D. Powell represented a client on a child molestation case in the state of Nebraska.  An out of state lawyer may appear pro hac vice in another state’s court so long as associated with a local lawyer and with the home court judge’s permission.  The case turned on a refined interpretation of point of law under Nebraska law and facts requiring strict scrutiny.

The local prosecutor was thorny. As he said: “I’m inclined to drag your client through the knot-hole to obtain a conviction.”  He was used to getting what he wanted and he wanted a felony conviction.  Mr. Powell respectfully showed him he was wrong on the law and facts.  The prosecutor then dismissed the child molestation charges. The judge agreed to accept a plea to a simple battery and the case was successfully concluded with Mr. Powell’s client receiving only informal probation with no jail time or sexual assault registration required.

Schwartz & Powell has extensive child molestation and other sexual offense defense experience.  We have obtained many not guilty verdicts and excellent plea bargains on these sexual assault cases.  Mr. Powell prosecuted sexual assault cases for several years as a Ventura County Deputy District Attorney in his early career.  Now he and Mr. Schwartz defend these charges with a high level of expertise.

We have over thirty years of criminal defense experience, handling cases in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpenteria, Oxnard, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Westlake and Los Angeles.  Schwartz & Powell will aggressively investigate the details of your case and efficiently develop your defense.  We are fully committed to your defense!