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Ventura County Red-Light Camera Ticket Defense Lawyers

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

     Ventura and Oxnard will issue hundreds of red-light camera tickets in 2013, and raising significant revenue doing so.  
Many motorists pay these tickets because they assume that a picture of them was captured showing them running a red light.  Or they may choose to ignore the ticket which can result in serious consequences and increased fines and penalties.

 What can a red-light ticket mean to you, your driving privileges and your insurance?  These tickets run about $480.00 in fines, may raise your automobile insurance costs and you may have to attend traffic school. The points following a conviction can result in losing your driving privilege if you have already collected points for other driving offenses.  

Officers must prove that:

1)  Appropriate camera warning signs were correctly posted.

2)  Pictures taken by the cameras identified drivers

3)  Yellow light times were set appropriately

4)  Drivers were notified within a 15 day statutory deadline

The registered owner of the vehicle can:

1)  Review the camera's footage/photo of driver and vehicle license plate

2)  If you are the owner but not the driver you can fill out an affidavit identifying the actual driver or dispute the ticket on the basis that you were not driving

3)  Be represented by counsel to fight the ticket

There are several arguments the lawyers at Schwartz & Powell can make on your behalf.  We will review the circumstances of your case and possibly challenge the photo evidence, the identity of the driver, the proper posting or signage complying to the law, any necessity for you to run the red light to avoid an accident or harm to others, lack of officer testimony or the possibility that the device/sensor was not working properly.

If you or a loved one receives a red-light camera ticket or has any other traffic violation call Schwartz & Powell at                  (805) 658-8955.   Our experienced local Ventura lawyers at Schwartz & Powell will come to your defense!