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Holiday DUI Arrest: Call Schwartz & Powell Immediately

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

All of us like to celebrate the various holidays during the year.  While celebrating you may lose track of the number of alcoholic beverages consumed.  You should never drink too much and drive a vehicle.  If you do you may find yourself directed into a holiday sobriety checkpoint or you may be pulled over on the road if the police notice erratic driving patterns or any sign that you may be drunk behind the wheel.  During most holidays the police are actively looking for any sign of drug or alcohol impairment in drivers.

An arrest means that you will need to immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer experienced in DUI and vehicular crimes defense.  Schwartz & Powell is one of the most experienced law firms in Ventura County. 

Schwartz & Powell has a fully staffed full service law office at the ready.  We know the Ventura Courts; our offices are less than a half-mile away from the courthouse; and all four of our attorneys have more than thirty years experience practicing principally in Ventura County.

Ventura County Court is a peculair institiution and one must understand the court's unique processes to maximize the client's results with the court and with the DMV, which will want to damage your driving privilege and with who we have extensive and successful results.  

When you hire Schwartz & Powell, you have the benefit of dealing with four partners each of whom is highly experienced and successful with drunk driving and other vehicular crimes charges.  

We at Schwartz & Powell take our obligations and responsibilites to our clients seriously.  We charge reasonable rates for reasonable services and we know whether a case should be disposed by plea or by trial.  If trial it must be, we have an outstanding record of not guiltiy verdicts and dismissals.  And if the case should be resolved by a plea bargain we negotiate dispositions every bit as beneficial to you as is possible. 

We charge realistic fees accordingly so you are not paying for a trial when your case will be negotiated to a conclusion short of trial.  If the case goes to disposition at an early stage or to a trial, we are flexible within limits on payment schedules and we accept all major credit cards.  

A DUI arrest can be an embarrassing and humiliating experience but do not despair.  The law permits Schwartz & Powell to make your court appearances for you so you do not have to come to court.  We can ordinarily do so for you and advise you of the status afterward. There is no need for you to stand in line and then spend a morning waiting for your case to be called into a crowded courtroom.  

If you are arrested for DUI or any other vehicular crime in Ventura County give Schwartz & Powell a call.  We also practice in most other Southern California counties, including Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles.  Call us to discover what a difference it can make to retain the preeminent DUI defense lawyers at Schwartz & Powell.  

Experience Matters.