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Intent Matters: Not Guilty Murder In The First Degree

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law



Schwartz & Powell, the most experienced and accomplished homicide or murder criminal defense lawyers in Ventura County, have done it again.

Robert I. "Bobby" Schwartz's client was found not guilty of murder in the first degree when so charged along with a gang special allegation.  His client was facing life in prison without possibility of parole.

The jury rejected the prosecution's charge of murder in the first degree.  The jury rejected the gang special allegation finding it inapplicable to the incident.  Mr. Schwartz obtained not guilty verdicts to murder in the first degree and the gang allegation.

Mr. Schwartz's client was found not guilty of murder in the first degree but guilty of the lesser charge of murder in the second degree.  Had his client been found guilty of murder one with the gang allegation he would have been sentenced to Life Without Possibility Parole (LWOP). 

Mr. Schwartz's client was sentenced this morning and will be eligible for parole in sixteen years.  The jury found our client did not intend the death of the victim and he did not intend to benefit a criminal street gang in this unfortunate tragedy.

Mr. Schwartz had the vision to hone in on the issue of "intent."  In most homicide cases this is the critical issue.  Many lawyers ignore it to their client's detriment - not Mr.  Schwartz.  He knew the issues.  He proved the defendant lacked intent to slay the victim and did not act for the benefit of a street gang. 

Mr. Schwartz's legal expertise and strong result is typical of the results obtained by Schwartz & Powell.  Schwartz & Powell consistently outperforms expectations.

At Schwartz & Powell we are experienced criminal defense lawyers with more not guilty verdicts than any other firm in Ventura County.  We know "intent" matters in all crimes, from murder to petty theft.  We know how to show the jury why it matters.  We have strong results borne of legal experience demonstrated over 30 years of practice. 

If you or a loved one need representation for criminal defense, or any legal matter, contact our offices at Schwartz & Powell.

Remember that Experience Matters.

Steven D. Powell