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Fourth of July Excess: Criminal Consequences

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law


Many crimes occur on the Fourth of July.  Just like Super Bowl Sunday, the Fourth entices with way too much beer at too many parties and way too much driving of automobiles in between.  Obviously, many crimes occur under such circumstances, some minor but many major. 

The Fourth of July holiday is a festive holiday,a celebration on the date upon which the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain was signed in 1776.  However, the July 4th celebration can lend itself to an excess of alcohol and a lack of good sense, including the irresponsible handling of fireworks. 

As Nancy Reagan said in the War on Drugs, “just say no.”   Don’t mess around with fireworks.  Especially after having a few drinks and waving the flag in the hot sun all afternoon. 

Remember, you could be criminally responsible for injuries or property damage you cause while negligently blowing up the neighborhood in an effort to light up the sky in celebration.   It is fire season.  Think of the damage negligent handling of fireworks could cause to neighborhoods and neighbors. Realize that the criminal law will hold those who cause such injuries and damages criminally responsible. 

By all means, celebrate this wonderful holiday.  Celebrate in a sensible manner that won't endanger yourself or others. 

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