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Memorial Day: Honored in the Breach?

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

Ventura County lawyers are uniquely positioned to honor the memories of all who have fallen in defense of their country, their brothers and sisters at arms, and their U.S. Constitution.

We cannot contribute anything to the fallen themselves.  They made the ultimate sacrifice.  While we must always support their families, those whom they left behind so all who remain are free, we cannot give anything but our prayers for the dead themselves.

The fallen do not know of monuments.  They do not know of honors and medals posthumously bestowed.  They do not know of tombs and national cemeteries in which their bodies lie. Their silence is deafening.

But we know more young men and women will replace them on the battlefields.  More shall return from combat. More shall be sent forward.  Some sacrifice everything and fade into memory.

The wounded, the broken, the mentally disabled, the concussed and much discussed -  seldom served by their government beyond a brief period of temporary charity  -  shall return and they will need  the counsel of Ventura County’s best criminal defense lawyers and finest civil lawyers to help them with criminal or civil matters, guide them in their financial transactions and provide the entire spectrum of legal services which many of these returning warriors will need.

These men and women, especially those visited by psychological and physical trauma of war, will need the help of criminal defense attorneys.  Those who have served will need Ventura’s civil litigation lawyers to champion their causes.  Many of them will be unable to afford our services.  And we should know that.  And we should respond.  The highest honor we can pay those killed in combat is helping their surviving brethren and sisters in need.

The dead we honor but the living we must nurture.  There is no greater memorial to those who have fallen than service to those who remain standing.  This is not only military personnel but their families as well.  They also served who sat and waited for the loved one who didn't return or returned physically or mentally broken.

I therefore urge my colleagues to take on the causes of those who have returned and those about to embark on the harrowing experience of war. Reach out to those left behind and represent them vigorously and professionally.  Don’t just fly the flag on Memorial Day.  Fly the flag, to be sure,  but fly to the aid of veterans on criminal and civil cases. 

These citizens soon will slip into civilian anonymity while bearing the scars from giving the full measure of devotion to the missions upon which our government entrusted them.  We owe them something.  By providing it, we honor the memory of those whom we can no longer assist.

The attorneys at Schwartz & Powell have extensive and varied legal experience.  We can assist you or a loved one in both criminal and civil matters.

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