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Keep Your Eyes On The Road, Your Hands Upon The Wheel

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

Jim Morrison of the Doors would be the last person in the world to teach Driver Safety Classes but for all his issues his lyric perfectly states what a driver’s duty is--pay attention.

Inattentive driving will have you talking to a Ventura County criminal defense lawyer faster than you can say “reckless driving. . . driving under the influence . . . vehicular manslaughter or murder.”

Every day someone gets into a car accident, often causing serious injury to themselves or others -- all because the driver could not resist an action that drew his attention from the task at hand:  driving responsibly.  Texting, applying makeup, checking Facebook, drinking or eating -- all can cause momentary inattentiveness that can lead to painful and sometimes fatal results.

In Ventura County the criminal law will try to punish you severely for reckless driving no matter how charged.  There are a host of vehicular crimes centered around inattentive driving.  These include ordinary speeding tickets to vehicular homicide.

We at Schwartz & Powell, an experienced and successful criminal defense law office, have defended  these cases in criminal court.  These cases are terribly sad because an innocent person was injured or killed and a good person was momentarily careless.  The criminal law will attempt to punish such conduct and the DMV will attempt to yank your license if you are accused of such crimes.  You will need the best criminal defense attorney you can find to represent you in court or the DMV.

At Schwartz & Powell we’ve  successfully defended vehicular crimes primarily caused by driver inattention.  We have successfully urged the DMV to restore driving privileges for those convicted of inattention vehicular crimes.  If you find yourself in such a spot call upon Schwartz & Powell’s  thirty years of experience defending these matters. 

But remember, in the first instance:  “Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel.”  Strange to think of Jim Morrison as being the prophet of such a simple solution to careless driving.

If you or a loved one is accused of any serious crime you need the best Ventura County defense lawyers to represent you. The criminal law office of Schwartz & Powell has criminal defense attorneys who handle a variety of criminal and civil cases.

Remember: Experience Matters.

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