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Vacation Not Incarceration: Alcohol Fueled Crimes

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law



Spring is here and summer nears. We should all have a lot of fun at the beaches, lakes, mountains and deserts near Ventura. But be careful. Drunkenly and recklessly causing any injury of significance could easily elevate too much sun and wine into a prison case. California criminal law is full of pitfalls for the unwary.

Criminal charges could arise from neglectful conduct with children at the beach resulting in child endangerment charges. Passing out stone cold intoxicated on the beach or in a park could pull you a drunk in public charge. Driving to the beach in that condition could result in a DUI or deuce or drunk driving. Crashing into somebody could, if fatal, result in charges of homicide of one sort or another.

These warnings apply whether you’re piloting, riding, or driving a boat, jet ski, bike, car, off road vehicle or plane. Remember that alcohol and gasoline don’t mix well and combining the two can have serious, even deadly, consequences. Alcohol - even in small amounts -  compromises the safety of any active mode of recreational activity.

On so many levels drinking can be hazardous to your safety and the safety of others. Alcohol starts impairing your judgment long before it strikes at your coordination. Sooner or later, if you drink too much, you’re going to become uncoordinated with bad judgment.  The combination of alcohol and lack of command at the controls can have an unexpected and disastrous outcome for you and your loved ones.

The many recreational activities in Ventura County offer a vacation to remember.  But remember this old saying, "Come on vacation, leave on probation."  Ventura County is especially strict on vacation misadventures and you will require the services of Ventura County's best criminal defense lawyers should things go wrong.

In thirty years of practice Schwartz & Powell has dealt with many alcohol related cases and we have a record of winning not guilty verdicts and obtaining dismissals of DUI and other related charges.  The Ventura lawyers of Schwartz & Powell will represent you or your loved ones and bring our considerable experience to resolve your case.  Remember that

Experience Matters.

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