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Sex/Domestic Violence Crimes Defense Ready for Trial?

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

Sexual Assault
cases/Domestic Violence cases in Ventura County are prosecuted by a highly-trained and talented pool of lawyers. These lawyers generally rise from the misdemeanor unit, where they are the best of the best, and these young attorneys are educated, trained and experienced in this special kind of prosecution.  The sexual assault charges and domestic violence cases they prosecute include child molest, rape, spousal rape, spousal abuse, child abuse, pornography, domestic violence, unlawful sexual intercourse and other crimes committed with or without force, menace, fear and duress against women and children or with the family.   

I know this for a fact.  I was a member of the Ventura County District Attorney Sexual Assault/ Domestic Violence Unit for two years in my early career.  Now, as an attorney in private practice for over thirty years, I have successfully defended a multitude of sexual assault cases and domestic violence cases. Nothing has changed. Ventura County DA’s Sexual Assault/ Domestic Violence Unit continues to be a gifted and professional team of fine lawyers. So if you are accused of such sex crimes, expect the going to get rough. But  not impossible.

The DA is and will be ready for trial and if you are accused or charged with a sexual assault or family violence case you better be ready for trial, too. The prison penalties for these offenses can be staggering; almost all require sex-offender registration; and, unless your criminal defense lawyer is highly educated, trained and experienced in defending these sexual assault cases and domestic violence cases you will not be able to withstand the onslaught of trial or know whether to try to negotiate a favorable disposition short of going to trial.  An untutored lawyer can transform a probation-likely sexual assault or domestic violence case into a long prison sentence in no time at all despite his or her good intentions. You need a lawyer who knows what he is doing in these highly-charged emotional cases.

Good intentions are important but matter very little when all is said and done in defending sex crimes. Experience matters. Results matter. At  Schwartz & Powell, we have both.

My law partners and I at Schwartz & Powell have obtained dismissals of sex crimes and domestic violence accusations and charges over the past thirty years because we are ready to go to trial. We have won not guilty verdicts on sex crime cases and domestic violence cases, including the hardest of them all—child molest and child abuse. We have intervened with the DA’s office and the law enforcement agencies investigating such crimes to show the authorities reasons not to file the case, such as dysfunctional family relationships, pending divorce actions, children improperly coached by negligent mental health professionals and other “red light” factors leading to false accusations.

Believe me, not all sex crime or domestic violence crime accusations are true. But one needs a lawyer capable of peeling away these false accusations to prove his client’s innocence. We are available to you for that purpose.

Every player in the criminal law arena—the arresting officers, the judges, the prosecutors and the defense lawyers-- know an innocent person can be convicted of crimes he or she did not do.  We all know this is especially true of sex crimes and domestic violence crime charges which cloud the judgment of judges and juries and prosecutors because sex crimes are inflammatory in nature and most people are biased against the accused without hearing one bit of evidence.  If you or a loved one is accused of a sex crime, arrested or charged for a sex crime or domestic violence crime, call Schwartz & Powell.  These are special cases and require in their defense preeminent lawyers capable of fighting for you against “the best of the best.”






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