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Architects of CA Death Penalty Say No To DP: Yes to Prop 34

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

California’s death penalty will be abolished by a Yes vote on Proposition 34 in November. Proposition 34 imposes life without parole for first degree murder. Those urging the abolition of the death penalty include social progressives but a growing number of fiscal conservatives joined the fight against the death penalty in favor of Proposition 34.

The Death Penalty- A Ventura Criminal Defense Lawyer's Thoughts

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

Any Ventura County criminal defense lawyer knows it costs a fortune to prosecute death penalty cases. I knew this when I was a Deputy District Attorney for Ventura County prosecuting capital murder. Nothing defending death penalty cases has changed my mind.

What I would like you to think about today is the cost of the death penalty system in California. It costs a lot of money the State can't afford.


by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

Ventura County criminal defense lawyers with any substantial experience realize, when the proof is there, a defendant should know about and consider plea bargaining. Not every criminal charge should go to trial.

“I Don’t Want to Talk”: Police Interrogation

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

Most people believe their rights under the Fifth Amendment to remain silent and not allow police interrogation must be respected by law enforcement. After all, the Fifth Amendment is the law so why would law enforcement try to break the law by violating Miranda? That doesn’t make good common sense. Don’t we want to ensure the police don’t browbeat citizens suspected of criminal conduct? Don’t the police want to obey the law in conducting their business?