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Schwartz & Powell Federal Misdemeanors Defense

by Schwartz and Powell Ventura Criminal Defense Attorneys

On all federal lands - military bases, forests and parks - civilians who run afoul of the law face federal prosecution. Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA's) for the Government and criminal defense lawyers with their clients, appear in the Santa Barbara outpost of the United States District Court located on State Street in Santa Barbara and plea bargain the charges and sentences before a Federal Magistrate Judge.

Schwartz & Powell Sexual Assault Defense

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

Robert I. Schwartz and Steven D. Powell of Schwartz & Powell are two of the best Ventura County Criminal Defense Lawyers. We also represent clients in Orange, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties, in the federal courts and out of state

Holiday DUI Arrest: Call Schwartz & Powell Immediately

by Steven D. Powell Attorney at Law

Beginning December 14th, 2012, there was a countywide crackdown on DUI drivers in Ventura County. 106 drivers were arrested so far during the winter holiday as law enforcement set up checkpoints in the county and many others on the highways. During the holidays especially the police are looking for any sign of drug or alcohol impairment in drivers.