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Schwartz & Powell will defend you against any assault and battery charges. We understand and will implement all defense options to get you the best results. Call our Ventura Criminal Defense Lawyers if you or a loved one is investigated or charged with any assault and battery crime:

Assault - (Penal Code 240) Intentional attempt to injure someone using violence or force. No contact is necessary.

Battery - (Penal Code 242) Intentional harmful touching of another person without their consent. Includes actual touching that is harmful or offensive without consent from the victim. Other forms of "touching", for example spitting, can be considered battery.

Aggravated Assault - (Penal Code 243(d)) Several factors determine an aggravated assault: use of a weapon, severe bodily injury to the victim, whether it occurred in the victim's home, the intent of the perpetrator and the degree of injury caused. Reckless indifference to human life on the part of the perpetrator can also push a simple assault to an aggravated assault. Typically multiple degrees of criminal charges are possible depending on the varied circumstances of the alleged crime.

Assault With a Deadly Weapon - (Penal Code 245(a) (1) Use of a deadly weapon constitutes aggravated assault whether or not the weapon actually causes physical injury. Intentionally causing fear of more grievous injury because of the use of a deadly weapon pushes an assault to aggravated assault. Weapons can range from guns to knives to attack dogs. Even a pen can be considered a deadly weapon if held to the neck of the victim.

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